Your Child's Good Grades Depend On You

Helping Your Child Achieve Good Grades

Good grades are viewed largely as a representation of how hard a student worked. The fact of the matter is that parent involvement is just as important. Without parental oversight and support, children may find it difficult to absorb the vast quantities of information that is being presented to them each school year.

Stay Involved!

The most important way that you can help your child get good grades is to stay involved with their schoolwork. This means communicating with their teacher, knowing what is expected of your child, and attending all parent-teacher conferences.

For younger children, a daily check of their backpack may be necessary to ensure that you are not missing important flyers or assignments that your child may have forgotten.

For older children, ask questions regularly so that you can remain apprised of the tasks that are being assigned. If you are skeptical that your child understands assignments or is telling you everything that is expected of them, contact the teacher for more information.

Homework Means Work For You Too

For homework assignments, make sure that your child has a comfortable workspace that is relatively free of distractions, and remain nearby so that you can monitor their progress and assist if they get frustrated or confused. A tidy work environment and help when needed really can assist in your child getting those all-important good grades.

Younger children may need more guidance to complete and assignment. Reiterate the importance of homework as a tool for practicing the ideas and concepts learned each day.

Attitude Is Important

Finally, make sure your own attitude towards your child's education is supportive. Children are inherently in tune with their parents' perspectives; the best way that you can encourage your children to value their education and love to learn is to demonstrate these concepts yourself.

Show an interest in what they are learning and find ways to incorporate it into everyday life. After all, isn't that what school is preparing them for? By following the above advice you'll be able to keep your child on the path to good grades.


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