Who Is The FDA Really Working For?

Can You Trust the FDA?

If you think that "FDA Approved" wording means something in today's day and age, you might be in for a surprise. Many consumers are beginning to wonder if they can really trust the agency that is responsible for keeping our food, supplements and medications safe. Why the concern and is it warranted? The answers may surprise you.

What's the Problem?

It seems the problem with the FDA is a financial one. The specific type of financial problem there is, however, remains to be seen. According to many, the FDA is either simply underfunded, or something more sinister is going on and the department is outright greedy -- working for big business instead of the American public like they're supposed to.

What Raises These Questions?

Why are people questioning the FDA's ethics? First and foremost, there's the "user fees" that the FDA takes for "speeding up" the application process. These fees are paid by the companies who want to get drugs approved, which poses a bit of a conflict of interest.

Of course, there's the question of dangerous drugs getting approved by the FDA (Vioxx, Fen-phen, and Baycol, just to name a few). Some are withdrawn later, but after how much damage has been done (and how much money has been made?)

Then, of course, there's the fact that the FDA seems to ban legitimate products. The sweetener Stevia, for example, is used widely in Europe and Japan, but has been banned in the United States. Why? They FDA claims it's dangerous, but studies have proven otherwise.

Perhaps the real reason is that the makers of Aspartame complained to the FDA when people started using the all-natural Stevia. Even though Aspartame seems to be much more dangerous than Stevia could ever be, the FDA sided with the big-business interests. We all know how that turned out.

The Bottom Line

Just because the FDA says something is safe, it doesn't mean it is. If you want to stay on the safe side, wait till a drug has been out for a few years before taking it. Until the FDA gets its act together and its priorities in order, it's more of a big-business advocate than a consumer-orientated organization.


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