Where Can Unhappy Consumers Turn?

RipOffReport.com Gives a Voice to Unhappy Consumers

Unhappy consumers who have had negative experiences with businesses now have a voice. A website called RipOffReport.com is allowing consumers to file a complaint against companies -- highlighting their experiences with any company they have purchased from or whose services they have utilized. If you’ve ever been taken advantage of by a less-than-scrupulous company and felt that you had no recourse, you’re going to love Rip-OffReport.com.

Priceless Information

RipOffReport.com can be a very valuable tool for those who are considering making a purchase from a particular company. Consumers can enter the name of the company or any search term they desire to see if RipOffReport.com has any complaints on file regarding that company. Obviously, the lack of a complaint does not indicate the company has an impeccable record, but if you see multiple negative complaints for any particular company, you might want to avoid doing business with them.

Making the “Bad Guys” Pay

There are other similar websites that allow consumers to post their feedback, and a search engine will likely turn up more possibilities for you. RipOffReport.com is a very popular due to the fact that unhappy consumers are able to vent about their experiences in a public forum. While they may not have their grievances resolved, they’ve at least warned the public about the company they had bad dealings with.

If you are a consumer who has been ignored or marginalized in any way by a business you have dealt with, you may want to consider filing a complaint on RipOffReport.com. Some consumers report that they have received instant contact and a satisfactory resolution from a company right after they filed a negative report on the website. After all, no company likes having their dirty laundry aired in a public forum for all to see.

Now you no longer have to fume in silence. Websites like RipOffReport.com are a valuable ally for consumers. Companies are more likely to strive for exceptional customer service when they know that dissatisfied customers have such recourse.


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