What You Should Know Before Buying a Lawnmower

Tips for Buying a Lawnmower

The green grass will soon be growing wild, which means buying a lawnmower is on the top of many a consumers list. Unfortunately, buying one isn’t always as easy as running to the store and grabbing what looks best. Everyone’s lawn is different in size and slope and the best lawnmower for one is the worst for another. Worry not. We have some tips that every lawnmower shopper can use.

Size Does Matter

The key to buying a lawnmower is to buy the proper size for your yard. If you have a four-acre yard, you will need to buy a riding lawn mower. A push lawnmower will not get the job done in a reasonable amount of time.

That being said, if you do buy a riding mower, keep in mind that you’ll most likely need a push lawn mower or weed-wacker to hit the smaller areas that the riding lawn mower cannot reach.

If you live in a suburban area, a push lawn mower would be the ideal purchase if you can physically do the work. A gas-powered push lawn mower will have enough power to cut grass that is six to eight inches high. Anything higher than that would not be ideal for a push lawn mower.

If you have a small patch of land to cut, you may want to consider an electric lawn mower. The electric lawn mowers have little to no maintenance, and all you really need is an extension cord that is long enough for your yard. If your yard is really small, you could just buy an electric weed-wacker to cut this small piece.

The Cost Factor

A riding lawn mower is a major purchase. If you can wait, consider buying one at the end of the season if you are paying cash. If you are charging, look for a deal offering no interest for six or twelve months at a home improvement store in your area.

A push mower is a moderate purchase, so waiting for the end of the season or looking for financing deals isn’t really necessary (even though it doesn’t hurt).

Keep the above tips in mind when buying a lawnmower, so you can ensure that you get the proper model and size for your unique needs.


Don't forget that there are also now a few good cordless, rechargeable battery-operated lawn mowers as well as some (albeit expensive) robotic lawn mowers available on the market.

Electric Lawn Mowers (on Squidoo)


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