What You Need to Know Before Adopting a Pet

Adopting a Pet Isn't Always Cut and Dry

While it's true that adopting a pet is a noble cause, it's not always everything it's cut out to be -- especially if you adopt from a less-than reputable organization. While it's true that most humane organizations have the animals' best interests in mind, not all do. Before you adopt from anyone, make sure you keep an eye out for the following red flags.

Evasive Answers

If you ask questions about whether a dog is aggressive or housebroken and the answers you receive are rather evasive, take your business elsewhere. Reputable animal shelters will be forthcoming with information and will readily admit if they don't have certain information on a given animal.

They Don't Want to Meet Your Family

Most reputable animal shelters will require that all family members be present when you are adopting a pet. If the organization you are adopting from does not require you to introduce your family members and other pets to the dog you are adopting before the adoption is final, it's a definite red flag.

Set Adoption Fees

If a shelter doesn't have clear-cut adoption fees, it could be a red flag. While many shelters do charge varying prices based on age and health of a pet, breed and quality should not come into consideration. If a shelter wants to charge more for a purebred or a rare breed, it's a sign that something isn't right.

No Vet Records

Make sure the pet you are adopting has some vet records. All shelters should make sure the pets they adopt out are current on vaccinations. Don't ever consider adopting a pet from an organization that does not vaccinate or offer a spay/neuter program.

Remember, most humane organizations are on the up and up, but not all of them are. Make sure you keep an eye out for the above red flags whenever adopting a pet from a shelter or humane society.


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