What You Need to Know About Telecheck and Certegy

Did You Know Telecheck and Certegy Can Prevent You From Buying What You Want?

You pay your bills on time, keep a decent balance in your checking account and never bounce a check. One day you're shocked to find the local store won't accept your check. Why? Because their computer system tells them they can't. See my friends, what you don't know about companies like Telecheck and Certegy can indeed hurt you.

The Horror Of It All

There's nothing more embarrassing than being in a long line at the check out and being told your check is no good - especially when you know that you have more than enough money in the account to cover it. You get the nasty looks from the people in line behind you and feel as though you've shrunk to two-inches tall. The sad thing is, there's nothing you did to deserve it.

They Just Like to Play God

So, how do I know the horror of such a situation? It happened to me. I have first-hand experience in seeing how companies like Telecheck and Certegy like to play God. I was paying for a purchase at the local store and started getting a weird look from the cashier. Before I knew it, she handed back my check and told me I'd have to pay by credit card or cash because my check was "no good".

The first thing that went through my mind was there must be some kind of mistake. Then I panicked and thought perhaps I'd fallen victim to identity theft again. I rushed home and called the number given to me by the cashier. Come to find out, there was no mistake and I hadn't fallen victim to identity theft. They were just taking "precautionary measures" because I'd written quite a few checks over the past week.

To sum it up, because I pay by check for my purchases instead of credit card and because I've made quite a few purchases lately, Certegy decided they would take it upon themselves to treat me like a check bouncer and decline my check. After a little research, I find out that this is not uncommon and that Telecheck has been known to do this frequently as well.

The Moral of the Story...

So what's the moral of the story? First, if a store refuses your check don't panic. There may be a simple (albeit stupid) explanation for it. And don't pass judgment on those whose checks are refused in front of you. They might be in the same boat I was in. If you do get your check refused, contact the company (either Certegy or Telecheck) immediately. You won't be able to write another check until you get the situation cleared up.


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