What You Need to Know About Online Postage

What Many Online Postage Services Don't Want You To Know

Welcome to the age of the Internet, where everything can be done online -- including the printing of online postage. Forget waiting in line at the post office while the clerk behind the desk counts out change. Online postage services allow you to print stamps and shipping labels from the comfort of your own home. But not all online postage services are created equal. Here's what you need to know...

Why Pay for Something You Can Get for Free?

It never ceases to amaze me that some people still pay for subscriptions to online postage services they don't really need. If you're paying monthly access fees for online postage service and you only print postage and shipping labels for packages, you're wasting money. Why? Because the United States Postal Service offers online postage for shipping labels without charging a monthly fee.

If you only plan on printing postage for package shipments and you still buy your stamps the old-fashioned way, avoid the online postage services that require a monthly fee. You can print your shipping labels and postage online at USPS.gov without paying for a monthly subscription.

When Monthly Fees Make Sense

Now, let's say you mail letters out on a regular basis as well as packages and you also like to customize the look of your postage... This is when online postage services that charge monthly subscription fees make sense.

Services like Stamps.com charge a monthly fee (it varies depending on the volume of mail you send) as well as the actual postage costs, but give you more flexibility and options in regards to what type of postage and services you can purchase and how your postage looks.

So the next time you find yourself running to the post office, ask yourself if online postage wouldn't be a better solution. After all, time is money and online postage may be able to save you both.


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