What You Must Know Before Buying a new Pet

Suggestions for Buying a New Pet

If you’re considering buying a new pet, there are some tips you might want to take into consideration. It’s certainly great to get a pet at a shelter, but don’t do this if your only reason is to save money. Buying a new pet is a big commitment, so make sure you do your research thoroughly.

It Goes Beyond the Adoption Fee

It’s true you can get a pet from a shelter for a small donation fee of $50 or so, and if you wanted to get a dog from a breeder you would have to pay $1,000 or more. However, there can sometimes be hidden costs to getting a shelter animal. In many cases, the animal has been in several different homes and abandoned on one or more occasions. Obviously, having any pet is a time-consuming endeavor, but certain shelter pets can be even more time-consuming. If the pet has behavioral problems, you will have to spend time and money correcting those issues. Dog trainers charge an hourly rate and can be pretty expensive. When you are buying a new pet, you will have to take these factors into consideration.

Is Purebred Really Better?

The types of pets that end up at shelters sadly are sometimes the result of bad breeding. Rarely, are animals from top breeders sent to shelters. The bad breeders are the people that try to make an extra buck from breeding any available dogs. Their greed is what contributes to many abandoned animals. They sell these animals for a lower price then the well-qualified breeders. Because of this, you may want to think twice about only wanting a "purebred" dog when adopting from a shelter.

Not All Breeders Are Created Equal

The high end breeders are doing the exact opposite. They study pedigree and use their best judgment on mate selection. This has many advantages compared to random mating selection. The breeders could look for and possibly eliminate defective traits commonly seen in certain breeds. While many animal activists will try to tell you all breeders are bad, this just isn't true. There are indeed some breeders who are more interested in preserving and furthering a breed than they are in turning a quick buck. Again, not all breeders are created equal. You should ask the breeders for references of past clients. If the breeder refuses, then you are better off looking for a different breeder when buying a new pet.

Animal Shelters DO Have Some Great Purebreds On Occasion

You can certainly get a great family pet at an animal shelter. I have a German shepherd who was a rescue case. He really is a great animal, but it took a lot of work to break some of the bad habits he acquired based on his experiences with previous owners. There is no clear cut answer when you are buying a new pet other than making sure you take a sufficient amount of time before you make such a big decision.


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