What To Do About iPod Headphones

It's definitely the decade of the iPod, and that makes iPod headphones a hot topic. After all, these ingenious little devices that let you carry around your favorite music at your hip are only as good as what you're listening to them through, right?

There aren't many people who deny that the iPod is a fantastic product. It seems like everyone from little Susie to Great Aunt Griselda has one, and we all love them. So why is it so difficult to get headphones that fit?

Where the problems come in

The newest iPods feature fairly ingeniously styled iPod headphones. These in ear headphones double as a lanyard and remote control device, allowing you to quickly and easily switch between songs without all the muss and fuss. In many ways, it's a perfectly designed headphone.

The biggest problem with these babies seems to be the ear buds themselves. Many people find that the headphones simply don't fit properly into their ears. Apple even packages these headphones with three different types of ear buds in three sizes, but many people still find it difficult to get the buds to stay in when they're moving around -- which is, after all, the point of a portable music device.

So why not just get new headphones? Well, you can -- but remember, the iPod headphones have a lot of controls built into them. So it might not be as easy as you think.

On the plus side...

On the other hand, if you can get them to stay, iPod headphones are some of the very best mp3 headphones around, both in terms of quality of sound and ease of use. In many cases, the trick seems to be using larger sized ear buds. If the small ones already feel too big that might seem counterproductive, but the big ones really do seem to stick better.

The iPod headphones aren't a perfect product, but with a bit of work they'll join the iPod at the top of Apple's success chart.


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