What to Consider before Buying a New Computer

Buying a New Computer is a Major Purchasing Decision

So you might be thinking about buying a new computer but are still confused about whether or not you should buy a laptop or a desktop. Laptops certainly have many advantages, but they are not for everyone. If you’re planning on buying a new computer in the near future, the following tips are important for you to consider.

Are Laptops Really Better?

Laptops break more frequently than desktop computers. If you spill a soda on your laptop, the internal parts might become damaged which will ruin your entire computer. If you spill soda on your desktop, you might only need to replace the keyboard which will usually cost $70 or less. Take you clumsiness into consideration when buying a new computer. A desktop has the added advantage of not being easily damaged as a laptop that can be dropped accidentally.

Laptops do have the added convenience of being portable. You can transform yourself into one of those scholarly-looking individuals at the local coffee shop. Take your lifestyle into consideration. Do you need your laptop to accompany you anywhere? Or can you devote an hour each night on your desktop computer and get all your work or bill paying done? Are you forgetful and fear you will leave your expensive laptop behind somewhere? These are all questions you should ask yourself before buying a new comptuter.

Laptops do break more often than desktops, and it is usually much more difficult to find the parts you will need when you do have to repair or replace something. It’s usually much easier to get parts for a desktop. Before buying a new computer ask yourself how long you can be without your computer if it breaks.

Desktops are much easier to upgrade, which means you can spend a little bit of money updating your computer in a few years from now without having to buy a whole new unit. So you will get a bit more mileage out of a traditional desktop. Keep all the above tips in mind before buying a new computer to make sure that you get he best purchase for your money and needs.


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