What Every Parent Should Know About Child Safety

A Few Words About Child Safety

It's a scary world we live in and most parents are quite concerned with child safety. With statistics quoting that a child goes missing every 40 seconds and stories like Caylee Anthony's and Coralrose Fullwood's hitting the media, it's enough to drive a parent mad. Before you lock your kids in a bubble-wrap padded room, there are some things to consider...

The Statistics Can Exaggerate

Yes, the statistics we're being force fed say a child goes missing every 40 seconds. As a parent that freaked me out pretty bad and I started doing a bit of research. While a child may technically go "missing" every 40 seconds, real kidnappings happen at about a rate of 115 per year. That's not good news, but it's a lot better than a kidnapping every 40 seconds like some of the media would have you believe.

Keeping Your Kids Safe

So, kidnappings don't happen every 40 seconds. That doesn't mean you should throw caution to the wind. You still need to keep your kids safe. There are a number of ways to implement child safety into your household routine.

First and foremost, teach your kids about stranger danger. Whether they're 2 or 12, they need to know. And speaking of 12-year-olds, when yours goes out to play have them check in regularly (like every hour) and think about getting them a cell phone. No matter which side of the "cell phones for kids" debate you fall on, there's no arguing that for safety purposes, cell phones are a pretty good idea.

Keep Your Home Safe

Implement some home security rules. Home security and child safety go hand in hand. At night, lock all doors and think about installing a security system. Not only does this prevent would be trouble-makers from breaking in unnoticed, it also prevents your kids from sneaking out (it's surprising what they'll do with a bit of peer pressure on them).

You might even want to consider security cameras. No, I'm not telling you to spend $1,000 or more on a camera system. Sam's Club sells motion detector flood light/security camera combos that record to an SD card when activated, and these will set you back less than $100.

Remember, when it comes to child safety, it's not paranoia. It's being a concerned and loving parent with the best interests of your child in mind.


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