Welcome To The Affordable World of The Flat Screen Television

The Flat Screen Television is More Affordable Than Ever

Ever since I stayed in a hotel suite with a flat screen television, I've wanted nothing more than to have one mounted right above my fireplace. The picture and sound quality combined with the sleek, cool look had me sold from day one. It was just the price that kept me from jumping in on the flat screen television bandwagon. However, after a trip to the store today, I came to realize that the world of flat screen TVs has actually become quite affordable.

Is There A Price Error Here?

I had run to the store to pick up some printer ink and, somehow, found myself wandering down the flat screen television aisle. Then, low and behold, my eye was caught by a sale price displayed next to one of the smaller models. Yes, it was only 26 inches, but it had a built-in DVD player and a discounted sale price of just $499. I was sold.

I remember when you couldn't get a flat screen television for less than $1,000 so finding a 26 incher with a built in DVD player for less than five hundred made me feel like I had hit the jackpot. After looking around, I realized that many of the flat screen televisions in the store were much more affordable than I thought they'd be. Some of the smaller models cost less than $300.

Plasma vs. LCD

While we're on the topic of the flat screen television, I feel like I must address the differences between plasma vs. LCD. The flat screen television I bought was an LCD model. In fact, unless you're buying a bigger screen (42 inches or more) LCD is really the only way to go since plasmas won't really be available in the smaller sizes.

If you are looking for a bigger flat screen television, the plasma may be able to get you more bang for your buck. While LCD televisions have come down in price, plasmas still tend to offer the better deal and they've increased in quality while LCDs have decreased in price, which has somewhat leveled that playing field.

The Warranty Issue

When it comes to any flat screen television, I would suggest getting the extended warranty program. I don't usually recommend, these warranties, but in the case of the flat screen television I do. The reason is that some flat screen models tend to break after a year or two. If you get yourself a 4-year warranty (I was able to get a 4-year for $60) you'll make sure you don't have to replace your flat screen television should something go wrong.


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