Watching Movies At Home Has Never Been Easier

Nowadays Consumers Have More Options For Watching Movies At Home

It used to be that watching movies at home meant getting in the car and driving to the local video rental store to pick out whatever they happened to have on the shelf that day. Getting a new release meant hoping you were the first in line or praying your local video store would hold it for you till you got off of work. Eventually, mega-chains like Blockbuster changed the face of video rental forever, but even these stores are becoming outdated antiquities as home movie viewing changes once again.

Who Knew The Net Would Have Such an Impact?

It really started with Netflix. Renting movies from home was made possible because of the Web and Netflix capitalized on this opportunity. Offer consumers the ability to pick their movie rentals online and receive and return them via mail... It was a revolutionary concept and it caught on like wildfire.

Eventually Blockbuster got in on the action and now you can rent movies via the Blockbuster website and via in-store rentals, but even these online rental opportunities are making some consumers impatient. Many of us want instant gratification when it comes to watching movies at home and there are companies willing to offer it...

The Rental Store In Your Cable Box

Nowadays you can get instant "in demand" movies via Satellite and cable with the click of your remote. While the movie selections are somewhat limited, they do offer instant-access to some of the hottest flicks. takes in-demand movie rentals a step further with their Unbox service. Using your Tivo and your account you can get instant movies directly from Depending on the movie you want you can either rent or buy your selection without having to wait for the mail - just download it.

We used to wonder if watching movies at home would ever be as easy as pressing a button - looks like we're pretty much there.


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