Want Some Alternatives To High-Priced Long Distance Service?

Long Distance Service Options

Ten years ago, all-inclusive long distance service plans didn’t exist. Consumers had to pay per minute for long distance service, and it was usually very pricey. Nowadays, however, increases in competition has resulted in many great long distance phone options. If you don’t currently have an all-inclusive long distance phone plan and you make a lot of long distance calls, then you definitely need to look at your options.

Find the Best Deal

Shop around before you get a long distance service plan. If you haven't tested the market waters for a while, you'll be shocked at what's out there. Some consumers pay as much as 25 cents a minutes for long distance calls. Those in the know can get all-inclusive long distance service plans for less than $40 a month.


VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a way to receive phone calls through your Internet connection. Availability of this technology is limited to certain geographic regions and is partly dependent on your connection speed. Many consumers, however, have found VoIP to be an affordable way to make long distance calls. With VoIP you can get all of your local and long distance calling for $30 or $40 a month.

Try Instant Messaging

If you live in a cave where all-inclusive long distance service isn't available, you may still be able to communicate for less. Many consumers have opted to use computer messages to replace some of the phone communication with friends and family members scattered all over the country or globe.

There are some definite advantages to instant messaging. You’ll be able to “chat” online all you want, and all it requires is an Internet connection, which is pretty affordable nowadays.

Check with Your Cable Company

Some cable companies offer 3-in-1 services. This includes your cable, Internet and local and long distance service for one low price. In my area, you can get digital cable, local and long distance calling and high-speed Internet for less than $100 a month.

No matter what method you choose for long distance calling, it’s clear that there are many more choices than a decade ago. Shop around for the method that fits your needs and lifestyle. Regardless of what service you choose, the days of paying twenty-five cents or more per minute are long gone.


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