Tornado Season is Upon Us - Are You Prepared?

4 Things You Can't Live Without This Tornado Season

Tornado season has arrived, and with it the need for preparation. What would you do if a tornado were to hit your area? Would you be ready? Would you survive? Whether you live in tornado alley or not, you need to be prepared should a tornado hit. Here are some things that can ensure your survival.

Have a Plan

First and foremost, have a plan and a safe place to go. If you live in a home that has a basement, that's great. Make sure the entire family knows where to go when the sirens sound. If you don't have a basement, think about installing a tornado shelter and if that's not possible, see if there are any shelters in your local area.

Know the Signs

It's wise to heed the warning of the tornado sirens during tornado season, but don't depend on them entirely. Know the signs of an approaching tornado. If you don't have a warning system in your town, subscribe to a weather notification service like the Notify! service offered by the Weather Channel. These services can notify you via phone if a tornado is likely to hit your area.

Food and Water

Keep emergency food and water on hand. If you have a basement or cellar that you go to when the storms approach, keep at least three or four days worth of food and water on hand there. If a tornado makes a direct hit and you end up stuck until help arrives, you don't want to starve to death.

A Crank Weather Radio

I have one of these and I wouldn't live without it. My weather radio can work on batteries or crank-generated power and it also functions as a flashlight and a cellphone charger. I personally suggest keeping one on every floor of your home.

Mother Nature is powerful and can even be terrifying, but you don't have to worry every time a shadow of a storm begins to hit. By having a plan and the proper supplies on hand, you'll be ready for tornado season.


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