Tips on Selling a House

When Selling a House, Don’t Neglect the Outside

If you plan on selling a house, there are some important things you need to keep in mind. Making your home look appealing is very important to the final sale. Experts recommend “staging” your home in order to create an inviting environment that will encourage prospective home buyers. However, if you only have a limited budget to work with for hiring a staging expert you will want to keep the following in mind. When selling a house, staging the outside is somewhat more important than staging the inside.

Curb Appeal Is Critical

Real estate agents and home staging experts agree that when selling a house too many homeowners neglect the importance of the outside of the home. Part of the reason this is overlooked is because so many popular home shows focus on staging the inside of the house. Consumers watch these shows and get an unbalanced idea about what is important when selling a house. Of course, you shouldn’t neglect a home’s interior, but the outside is just as important if not more so because it is what gets potential buyers willing to take a look inside. Sometimes a buyer will be so turned off by a home’s exterior that the buyer has no interest in scheduling an appointment to look at the home’s interior. If you discourage buyers, you will not get the best possible price for your house.

The Inside Counts Too

If you only have a small leftover budget remaining after staging the outside of your home, then focus on your kitchen and bathroom first before worrying about your other rooms. When selling a house, the two most important rooms are the kitchen and bathroom. Homeowners spend a lot of time in these rooms, so when showing your home to prospective home buyers you will want your kitchen and bathroom to look as inviting as possible. It also helps to make your kitchen look as large as possible. Make sure your counter tops are clear and free of any clutter or small appliances.

When you are selling your house, the above tips can be very beneficial in helping you get the highest possible bid. The amount of time and money you put into making your house look appealing will really pay off when you are selling a house.


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