Tips on Buying a Musical Instrument

Buying a Musical Instrument Can be a Big Decision AND a Big Investment

Buying a musical instrument is a big investment. Pianos are one of the more costly musical instruments, and they are also cumbersome and require ample space. If your child is interested in taking piano lessons or learning any other musical instrument, you’ll have to contemplate the pros and cons of buying a musical instrument before actually taking the plunge.

Consider Your Options

If your child is going to take a music class during school hours, you might consider renting the required musical instrument for a period of time in order to determine if this is truly something your child wants to pursue. Children tend to change their minds, and it is advisable to rent an instrument for at least a month to make sure your child plans to continue with lessons and instruction. If after that time, your child is still motivated and interested in keeping up with this type of commitment, then you can begin to look into various purchasing options.

If you are enrolling your child in private music lessons, then you are going to have the cost of tuition in addition to the instrument. Again, music rentals are a great choice. You’ll need to at least rent an instrument until you make a purchasing decision. While you can delay buying a musical instrument, you can’t delay renting one especially if you want your child to take full advantage of their private lessons.

Playing a musical instrument requires practice, so delay starting private music lessons until you’ve made rental arrangements. Renting an instrument can provide you with firsthand experience with using an instrument before purchasing it.

There are rent-to-own options for musical instruments, but they typically don’t make good financial sense, so you might want to find the cheapest rental deal available, and then make a separate purchase later when you’re ready to buy.

It can make sense to rent an instrument such as a violin for a much longer period of time. If your child is young, he or she will grow and there are different-sized violins for different kids of different ages and sizes.

Evaluate your needs and your child’ needs before buying a musical instrument. Make a decision that fits with your lifestyle. Renting a musical instrument can provide you with greater flexibility. Then once your child decides that he or she is fully committed, you can consider buying a musical instrument.


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