Tips for Choosing the Best Windshield Wipers

Stay safe and see clearly with the best windshield wipers

Finding the best windshield wipers for your car is important. Not being able to see well is one of the main causes of auto accidents. With good windshield wipers, ones that are properly maintained, many wrecks can be prevented. Here are some tips for finding the best windshield wipers for your money to keep you safe on the road.

Best windshield wipers

The market is loaded with windshield wipers to choose for your car. The top four windshield wipers are:

-- Valeo 600 Series
-- RainX Latitude
-- Anco 31 Series
-- Michelin RainForce

All four of these wipers are reasonably priced with the Anco and Michelin being two of the lowest priced on the market. The Valeo, Anco, and Michelin were rated as having excellent cleaning ability for the first six months and good cleaning after that period.

The very best wipers, when taking cost and performance into consideration, are the Anco 31 series and the Michelin RainForce. With these two wipers, you get the best cleaning for the lowest price.

Windshield wiper maintenance

Regardless of which windshield wiper you choose, it's best to change your wipers after 6 months. Very few wipers can go 12 months without signs of deterioration, with most not making it past 9 months. The most common signs of wear showed up as streaks on the windshield, which lowers your visibility as you drive and makes driving hazardous.

Windshield wiper installation

High performance is important in wipers, but being easy to install is also a factor when making a decision about windshield wipers. The Valeo, RainX, Michelin, and Anco were all easy to install as are most wipers on the market.

To stay safe and keep visibility as clear as possible, change your wipers every six months. Try writing down each time you change your wipers in your car maintenance book or get in the habit of changing wipers twice per year -- in the spring and fall of the year. Be a cautious driver, keep up on your car's maintenance -- including windshield wipers -- and you're on your way to being a safe driver.


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