Tips for Buying New Furniture

Where Should You Buy New Furniture?

Buying new furniture can be an exciting adventure, but you should make sure that it is not too costly. Furniture can definitely be a big-ticket purchase. If you want to save as much as possible the next time you go furniture shopping, make sure you make note of the following tips...

Upscale Has Its Privileges

Buying at a high-end furniture store can have its own rewards. Many upscale stores offer complimentary in-home consultations to their customers at no additional cost. They can provide you with decorating tips about what style curtains to purchase or what color carpet to get to compliment your new furniture. This can eliminate the additional expense of hiring an interior decorator.

Be Wary of Furniture Financing

If you can’t afford to buy new furniture without charging your purchases, you do need to be careful. As a general rule of thumb, it is wise to avoid rent-to-own stores. They really should be your last option. Customers are drawn in because of the low monthly payments. They can get the furniture they want now and pay a small monthly payment towards their purchases. The problem is that the low monthly payments continue on for a very long time at ridiculous interest rates. You will end up paying a lot more for the items that you rent, sometimes as much as quadruple the cost.

Due to the high interest you would pay when renting furniture, it would be better to get a furniture store credit card and buy your furniture that way. Even though furniture credit cards have a high interest rate, it is certainly a better deal than going through a rent-to-own store. If you can, forgo the purchase of new furniture for as long as possible. Sure, everyone loves a well decorated home, but it is rarely worth the trade-off of paying very high interest rates in addition to the costs of the furniture itself.

Buy Used

Check out the yard sale notices in your local newspaper. You would be surprised to discover some very good finds sometimes. I know a family who got a beautiful and large dining room table in excellent condition for just $400. The table can be expanded to accommodate a very large dinner party, and they picked it up for significantly less than they would have had to spend buying the furniture set new.


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