The Truth about Cable Descramblers

Are Cable Descramblers Really a Good Idea?

Gone are the days when all you had to choose from were a handful of public television stations and welcome to an age where the channels on a television can go into the thousands. From basic cable to the hottest premium channels, a person’s television-viewing options are almost endless. However, those premium channels don’t come cheap and many people are touting cable descramblers as a great way to get those channels for free. But are cable descramblers really a good idea?

What are Cable Descramblers?

Cable descramblers are devices that you connect to your cable box and television. These devices then “descramble” the premium channel signals so you can view the premium channels on your television without paying for them. That’s how they’re supposed to work in theory anyway.

The Truth about Cable Descramblers

If you’re thinking about cable descramblers as a means of getting access to the premium channels you want, the first thing you need to know is that these devices are illegal. The people who use cable descramblers are basically stealing from the cable company and if you get caught, you could be looking at some severe repercussions.

Sure the people selling cable descramblers will insist that they’re legal until they are blue in the face, and they’re not exactly lying to you. It is not illegal to own or possess cable descramblers. However, the moment you begin to use cable descramblers to steal from the cable company, you’ve broken the law. Ask a person selling cable descramblers this question and you’ll see them trying to dodge the bullet and hem and haw their way around the question.

Using a VCR to Watch a DVD

Besides being illegal, cable descramblers really don’t work anymore. Sure, they worked at one time, but the technology used by cable companies has drastically changed and trying to descramble today’s cable services with the cable descramblers of the past is like trying to watch a DVD using a VCR. It’s just not going to work.

Be Smart

If you want access to premium channels like HBO and Cinemax, do the smart thing and pay for them. They’re not that expensive and the few extra dollars you’ll spend each month is definitely a better option than the frustration you’ll encounter buying a cable descrambler that doesn’t work or the headache of being caught using a descrambler that does.


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