The Summertime Tricks of Savvy Consumers

Learn the Secrets Savvy Consumers Use

Summertime picnics are good opportunities for savvy consumers. These days, several summertime venues are very family friendly and allow outside food and beverages on the premises. This spring and summer do what many savvy consumers do and look for family-friendly venues that are okay with the idea of savvy consumers saving money.

Picnic Groves

Picnic groves are great for families, and savvy consumers use outdoor picnic groves as an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. Picnic groves permit visitors to bring their own food and beverages in cans or plastic bottles. They also allow you to bring you own charcoal grill. With this setup, you could bring coolers of drinks and grill your own food.

Drive-In Theaters

A new drive-in movie theater opened in my area last summer. They permit outside food and beverages, provided that you buy a permit per carload. The permit is only a couple bucks, and it will save you from waiting in line and buying overpriced popcorn and nachos.

I’ve seen a lot of savvy consumers at the drive-in who came prepared with their own favorite snacks and drinks. Considering how expensive popcorn and soda can be, bringing your own can save you a ton of cash.

Some Amusement Parks Do Care

There are actually some children’s amusements parks that allow outside food and drinks. As you are probably aware, amusement park food is of adequate quality at best, and service often requires waiting in long fast food lines that practically have no end. Add that to the fact that a hot dog can cost upward of $3 at some joints and savvy consumers tend to lose their appetite at these venues.

Not all amusement parks allow outside food and drink, but you should definitely patronize the ones that do -- especially if you have a large family. We packed a lunch last year when we went to one of our favorite amusement parks, and we got to go on more rides because of all the time we saved not waiting in line.

If the amusement parks in your area don’t allow outside drinks, then you should investigate the re-entry policies. Practically all amusement parks allow re-entry into the park by stamping your hand. This will allow you to break away from the park for lunch and eat a healthy brown bag lunch in the parking lot.


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