The Nuisance of Junk Faxes

What You Need to Know about Junk Faxes and Your Rights

If you’ve been bombarded with junk faxes and are frustrated with the unnecessary clutter and aggravation they have created in your office or life, you may be relieved to know that you do have legal recourse. Companies are obligated to either provide you with information that will allow you to opt out of their junk fax list (much like opting out of email) or adhere to your fax or phone request that they stop sending you junk faxes.

And You Thought Spam Was Bad

Spam email is one thing, but junk faxes are even more annoying because they create unnecessary clutter and tie up the phone line. Marketers across the nation have figured out how a company’s fax capabilities can be a way for them to distribute information about their products and services. If you routinely get junk faxes at your office, you are probably already aware of how annoying a daily update on the lunch specials at ten local restaurants can be.

Fight Back

There are junk fax rules that companies and individuals are legally obligated to abide by. If they fail to do so, you may be able to take that company or individual to court. Make note of any attempts you have made to notify the company of your wish to be removed from their routine fax mailings. Then contact the company letting them know that you have documented everything they have done and that you will be pursuing legal action if the harassment doesn’t stop.

You can also pursue the situation in a way that works to your advantage and perhaps resolve the issue without needing to bring the court system into it. You could always “threaten” a local restaurant that if you continue to received repeated junk faxes about lunch specials that you will no longer use their service for your bimonthly corporate luncheons. The fear of losing a large sale might be enough to get them to comply.

New Legislation Is In the Works

Junk fax rules vary by state, and some states are trying to adopt stricter standards regarding junk faxes. Some states, such as Connecticut, are trying to shorten the length of time that a company can send an unsolicited fax. Currently, a company can send a fax for up to eighteen months after a purchase was made. Connecticut is trying to shorten that time frame considerably.

Whenever you receive multiple junk faxes from the same company, remember that you have rights. Always document any communication you make with the company or individual when you try to opt-out of getting junk faxes, and politely let the know that you understand your rights and that taking them to court may be your only option if they refuse to take you off their list.


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