The Next Generation Of Home Alarm Systems: Wireless Monitored Home Security

These Aren't Yesteryear's Home Alarm Systems

Many of the older monitored home alarm systems relied on access to a landline telephone to transmit warning messages to the central monitoring station. What happened when the phones were down or a line was cut? You were out of luck. Fortunately, in today's wireless era, analog and wired systems are rapidly becoming antiquated.

Your Phone Is Wireless -- Shouldn't Your Alarm System Be Wireless Too?

In the movies, the intruder always cuts the phone line first. Why? Because this cuts the occupants of the house off from the outside world, making it impossible for them to call for help. If your home security system is hardwired and places alert signals via a landline telephone line, then it is similarly unable to make contact with the central monitoring station if the landline is cut.

To avoid the need for landline communications, monitored home alarm systems are now offering a wireless option that enables the system to send alerts via what essentially amounts to a cellular phone signal. In fact, wireless alerts may be received more quickly than if the alert is sent via a landline, meaning that help can be contacted faster.

Control Your Security System From Your Keychain

An additional feature of wireless monitored home security systems is the potential for controlling the system with a remote. This enables you to both engage and disable the system using the remote, instead of needing to access the central control panel, thus giving you an increased amount of flexibility and freedom when entering and leaving your home.

What Is It Going To Cost?

While the prices quoted by different companies that offer wireless monitored home security systems, you should expect to pay around $750 for installation of the system, and around $45/month for the monitoring service.

Pay attention to discounts, though -- many companies offer sales or discounts that significantly reduce the price of the installation. In addition, contact your homeowners insurance provider, because you may qualify to receive discounts on your premium once a security system is in place.


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