Taming an Unmanageable Electric Bill

How to Keep Your Electric Bill Under Control

I'm a pretty conservative guy when it comes to spending money and I don't like to see money flying out the window, which is why my latest Electric bill about gave me a heart attack. I'm on the monthly budget plan and I”m paying $75 a month more than I did last year. That's why, when this month's electric bill arrived, I was shocked to see a $800 balance settlement. If you don't want to be consumed with ridiculous energy costs, here are some money-saving tips.

Change Your Bulbs

Believe it or not, the light bulbs you use can have a significant impact on your electric bill. I've recently replaced all of the light bulbs in my home with energy-efficient bulbs. Yes, they cost more but they last longer and use about one third of the energy traditional light bulbs use.

Turn It Off

I'll tell you the same thing my wife tells my kids – if you're not using it, turn it off. You'd be surprised how much electricity the average home wastes. You can probably cut your electric bill by at least ten percent if you turn of lights, televisions, computers and other electric-guzzlers when you're not using them.

Open Those Windows

In warmer months, don't assume your air conditioner has to be running twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. On nice days open your windows and run some low-energy fans. The air conditioner sucks up a lot of electricity and adds quite a bit to your electric bill.

Electric Heat

If your home is heated by electricity, consider switching over to gas (or even wood or oil). Electric heat is not efficient (and, in my opinion, not as good) and costs a lot more. By not heating your home with electricity, you can cut your electric bill quite a bit.

And speaking of gas heat, we realize that the winter months are up ahead and people can use tips on how to keep those energy costs under control. Look for my upcoming post on conserving natural gas to cut back on energy costs.


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