Speeding in Construction Zones is Both Hazardous and Costly

Fines are Hefty for Speeding in Construction Zones

It is important to slow down in construction zones for safety reasons, not to mention th fact that speeding in construction zones carries stiff fines. There is an obvious safety hazard of speeding in construction zones. You are putting the lives of the construction workers in jeopardy by speeding near their work area. In addition, speeding fines are usually double in work zones, so you will have a hefty fine to pay if you are caught speeding in construction zones.

It's Just Not Worth It

It is important to always drive the speed limit regardless of whether or not you are in a construction zone. Speeding tickets can cost consumers a lot of money. That cost is essentially three-fold. First, you will have to pay the speeding ticket which can be quite substantial. Also, motorists who speed also tend to frequently need to apply their brakes. The wear and tear on your car can add up considerably, and car maintenance is not cheap.

Your vehicle will also require more gas if you make too many quick stops. Also, if you are caught speeding a few times, your insurances rates will skyrocket, and you might even have to pay money to go through a driving training program again. All of those costs combined are pretty high just for the sake of getting to your destination five minutes earlier. The stakes are even higher for speeding in construction zones as fines are usually no less than double an ordinary fine.

You Just Might Lose It

You would be surprised at the number of drivers who get repeat speeding tickets. If you get too many speeding tickets you might even have your license suspended for a while. Not having your driver’s license can be quite an inconvenience. So avoid driving recklessly and speeding in construction zones.

Play It Safe

Always be alert when driving and avoid speeding. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination, and write a list of the items you need to take along with you to avoid having to run back home because you forgot something. Getting a delayed start by having to run back home is a frequent cause of speeding. Always set aside ample time to get somewhere without having to rely on speeding. You just might save a life if you refrain from speeding in construction zones.


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