Shoe Shopping: If the Shoe Fits...

What You Need to Know When Shoe Shopping

Shoe shopping is something we all need to do at one time or another, and it can be a very costly process depending on how many you buy, what styles you wear and what brands you prefer. There are many things to consider when buying shoes, and the name brand shouldn't necessarily be at the top of the list. Here are some shoe shopping tips that will serve you well.

Really, It's Supposed to Feel Like That

Shoe shopping can be quite a chore, particularly if you have an overeager sales person trying to assist you. Unfortunately, there are some salespeople who will do anything to get you to buy. Luckily, they are usually easy to spot.

When you go shoe shopping, be wary of the overeager sales clerk. Oftentimes they will provide you information that they hope will encourage a sale. If you ask for a size 8, and they are out of stock, they will give you a size 7 or 7-1/2 and tell you that the brand runs big.

While shoes do indeed run big when it comes to some brands, you will clearly know if a shoe fits the moment you try it on. No matter how convincing the salesperson is, if a shoe doesn't feel comfortable, it doesn't fit and you don't need it.

Got a Feeling?

When shoe shopping, base your purchases on how your foot feels. When you are in doubt about whether you need a bigger size or not, you should always try both sizes on. If you're going to invest money in a decent shoe, you want to make sure you get the best fit possible.

Price Matters

Now, ladies and gentlemen, listen closely. I don't often say this, but sometimes it's better to pay more for your footwear. Yes, you can go shoe shopping at a discount shoe store and pay $30 or less for a pair of shoes. That doesn't mean you should.

Your feet carry the weight of your entire body. I think shoe shopping is one of the occasions where it makes sense to splurge. If a classic pair of shoes fits perfectly and will last you for years, then it's perfectly acceptable to spend $100, $200 or even $300.

Remember, when you go shoe shopping, it's the quality of what you buy (not hte quantity) that counts, and sometimes quality costs more.


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