Saving Money on Groceries Made Easy

We all want to be saving money on groceries. Sometimes, though, that seems impossible. Sure, you tried buying the no-name products, but the taste and quality seemed off. Clipping coupons for ten cents off dog food doesn't seem to do it, either. Is saving at the supermarket completely impossible?

Not for you -- not anymore!

Saving at the Supermarket

There are actually some very simple ways you can slice your supermarket total, if not in half, then by a significant amount. These tips will help you save.

1. Have a list

If you don't currently make a grocery shopping list, it's time to start. People who make lists spend significantly less money than those who wing it because they know exactly what they need and aren't tempted by extras. Make your list specific (for example, '5 oranges' instead of 'fruit' or even just 'oranges').

2. Have a plan

Take the time to sit down with your favorite recipe books and plan your meals for the next week. This has many benefits. First of all, it will save you time and effort wondering what to cook. It will also save you extra supermarket trips during the week when you discover you need certain ingredients. Best of all, you can arrange your meals so that they use similar ingredients, reducing the amount on your grocery list.

For example, if you plan to have a chicken dinner on Sunday, you could have a chicken stir fry with rice on Tuesday. Structure your meals to take advantage of leftovers and maximize saving money on groceries.

3. Never shop when hungry

You've probably heard this before, but it's true. Ever walk through the bakery section when your stomach's rumbling? The next thing you know, you have twelve donuts, two loaves of bread, and a box of cookies in the cart. Eat a small, nutritious, and protein filled snack before you hit the supermarket.

4. Don't bring the kids

Kids love grocery shopping. You turn your back, and all of a sudden there are fifteen bags of chips in the cart. Add that to the 'PLEASE, Mom!' and it's enough to drive you crazy. If at all possible, leave the kids at home. If it's not possible, make it clear to them that you will be buying only what is on your grocery list.

You can help kids feel more a part of that process by allowing them to add a certain number of items to your grocery shopping list themselves or, if you must, allowing them to add ONE extra item to the cart per trip. That way they won't fill your cart with junk food and will only get what they really want.

If you follow these simple tips, you're sure to save a bundle at the supermarket. It's a simple, sure path to saving money on groceries.


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