Save Money With Small Changes

When you want to save money, every little bit counts. A few cents here and a few cents there adds up quickly. With just a very small bit of effort on your part, you can save a lot of money at home, especially when it comes to laundry, cleaning, and water use. Not only will you be saving money, you'll be going green at the same time. It's win win for you and the environment.

Cutting Costs

Here are some simple ways to cut costs when it comes to your household chores and activities.

Water Usage:

-Save money by setting the temperature on your hot water heater to 120. That's more than hot enough for most people, but saves money on heating.

-Don't run the tap unnecessarily. For example, turn the tap off while you brush your teeth, and keep cold water in the fridge to avoid letting the water run.

-Take showers instead of baths.

-Shorten your shower -- try using a timer to keep track of how long you're in there.

-Only run dishwashers and washing machines when you have a full load.

Household supplies:

When it comes to ways to cut costs, making your own cleaners is a fantastic way to go. It might sound annoying, but actually most do it yourself cleaners are in your home in their natural form.

Another way to save money? Use less of each product. For example, you only need a pea sized squirt of toothpaste, and you can get away with using quite a bit less than the recommended amount of laundry detergent.

-Stop buying fabric softener. If you like the liquid kind, replace it with a quarter cup of vinegar in your rinse water. The clothes will NOT smell, and the vinegar works just as well as liquid fabric softener. If you prefer dryer sheets, substitute a few crumpled balls of aluminum foil. It works perfectly.

-Baking soda is a cheap miracle worker. Make a paste and it will polish silver. Pour it down a drain with some boiling water and you have drain cleaner. You can use it to scrub dishes, sinks, and just about anything else without adding a thing (except maybe some water).

-Vinegar is another excellent cleaning material. It eliminates strong odors (OK, it does replace them with vinegar, but once the liquid dries the vinegar smell goes away, too). In fact, experts recommend cleaning pet stains with vinegar to eliminate the smell enough that the pet can't find that special spot again in the future. Vinegar also doubles as Windex.

-Use replaceable cloths. All those disposable wipes and rags and paper towels are murder on the environment, and they aren't great for saving money, either. One of the best ways to cut costs is to go back to reusable cleaning items.

These few simple changes can help you save a bundle. Choose a few of them and start to save money today!


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