Products on TV -- Are They Worth the Money?

Discover if these products really work.

You see them all the time and they look great. But are products on TV worth the price you pay? Do they really do what they say they do? Keep reading to find out.

It started years ago in 1978 with the Ginsu knives and the Bamboo Steamer. Products on TV that look too good to be true. Now, it's the Snuggie and ShamWow! The commercials sure make these products look good, but are they worth it? Read the latest information about these products to see if you should spend your hard-earned money.

The Snuggie

This product has been selling like hot cakes and looks like a great idea. It is. The commercial states that you can stay warm and stay covered up at the same time. True. It's a good concept.

The problem with the Snuggie is the quality. Each time the Snuggie is washed, it loses a considerable amount of lint. This means that the fabric isn't holding up. After just ten washes, the fabric had "pilled" and much of the "fuzziness" was gone from the fabric.

Customers complained that after several washes, they didn't stay as warm because of the loss of fabric and the fabric caused a lot of static so they were getting shocked when they go up and moved around.

The bottom line? If you want to stay warm while sitting on your couch without moving and you don't plan on washing your Snuggie a great deal, you'll probably be happy with it.


While customers had complaints about the Snuggie, overall they were moderately happy. This isn't the case with ShamWow! If you paid close attention, you would have noticed in the first ShamWow! commercials they claimed it absorbed 20 times its weight.

The second and third commercials changed that absorption fact to 15 times and then finally 10 times. When tested, it was found that ShamWow! actually absorbed 10 times its weight. This is good, but guess what? That's the same amount regular kitchen sponges absorb. For the price of a set of ShamWow!, you can buy stacks and stacks of regular kitchen sponges.

In further testing, it was found that ShamWow! didn't dry surfaces any better than the kitchen sponges. When used, ShamWow! left streaks of water that had to be wiped repeatedly to remove.

Your best bet with ShamWow! is simply don't buy it. For the same price you can buy sponges that will last you for years and do just as good a job.

Remember, before you buy the latest and greatest product being advertised, wait a while. When they have sold for a while, tests will have been made and customer's opinions will be in. This is the best way to decide whether or not to buy these products on TV.


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