Organic Milk: Why Health-Conscious Consumers Are Paying Double

Is Organic Milk Really Better?

Head over to the dairy section of your local grocery store and you'll notice that organic milk prices are sometimes more than double of what the regular milk is going to cost you. Why in the world would people be willing to pay more than double for organic milk vs. the regular stuff? The answers may shock you.

Is Your Milk Really Healthy?

You'd think that milk is a healthy beverage to give your kids. After all, what's more wholesome than a milk mustache? Believe it or not, that milk you've been drinking may be doing damage that you've never even considered.

The Organic Milk Difference

Unless you're buying organic milk, chances are your milk is contaminated with hormones, antibiotics and other less-than-desireable substances. After all, the farmers who mass produce milk usually feed their cows a routine diet of antibiotic-enriched food to cut back on diseases that could lower milk production.

What's wrong with antibiotics in the milk? The more we use antibiotics, the higher the chances are of the drugs becoming ineffective when we need them most. If you consume antibiotics with your daily milk, bacteria may become immune and mutate to the point where antibiotics aren't going to help you when you need them.

Hormones and Organic Milk

Organic milk farmers don't give their cows hormone supplements either. That can't be said for the farmers involved in mass milk production. Do you really want to consume hormones each time you drink a glass of milk or eat a bowl of cereal? I thought not.

It's Worth The Price

As many of you know, I am a budget-conscious shopper. However, I personally pay about twice as much for my milk because I buy organic, all-natural milk for my family. We go through a lot of milk, which means I spend quite a bit more than I would if I bought the cheaper stuff, but I really am against feeding my family antibiotics and hormones on a daily basis.

Do yourself a favor and look into the organic milk options at your local grocer. Even if you don't go organic, go all-natural or at least make sure that your milk is free from hormones and antibiotics. It's healthier for you and your family.


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