Online Auctions: Safe Shopping Tips

Three Safe Shopping Tips for Online Auctions

Since their inception on the Internet, online auctions have quickly become the hottest and sometimes the cheapest way of shopping for the things you want. From ordinary items like beauty products to extravagant luxuries like exotic sports cars, there are online auctions for almost everything you could ever dream of owning. Believe it or not, people have even auctioned off tattooed ad space on their foreheads via online auctions. But along with the benefits of online auctions, so come the dangers. If you want to keep your experiences with online auctions positive ones, you’re going to want to follow these three safety tips.

Know Your Seller

Okay, so it might not be possible to actually “know” the person whose item you’re bidding on, you can get a feel for what type of business person they are by reviewing their feedback rating. Almost all websites that host online auctions have some type of feedback system where winning bidders can rate the sellers of the auction. If the person has a number of negative feedback remarks or no feedback rating at all, you may want to think twice about bidding on their item.

Know What You’re Buying

I can’t stress this enough... When you’re bidding at online auctions, make sure you read the entire auction description. If you’re bidding on a rare collectable but you don’t happen to read the part of the description that says the item is damaged, you could very well spend more money than the item is actually worth. You don’t want to assume that the seller is telling everything there is to tell about the auction either. If you have absolutely any questions about the item you’re bidding on, make sure you ask the seller before placing a bid on the item.

Get Shipping Insurance

Sometimes sellers at online auctions will not include shipping insurance in their shipping costs, but will add it on for you if you pay extra for it. In these cases, always opt for the insurance. You never know what can happen to an item during its journey. It can become lost, broken or even stolen. If you don’t pay for insurance and something happens to your item during transit, you’ll be out of every dime you spent.


Great Tips. One more can be added: ask for pictures from different angles. If the seller can't provide them, he is most likely trying to hide something (damaged product, or possibly he does not have a product in his possesion).


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