Now's the Time to Get a GPS Unit For Your Car

Big Drop in GPS Prices

If you've yet to get a TomTom, Magellan, Garmin or other GPS unit, you should have hit the stores on Black Friday. Some stores were selling GPS devices for as little as $99. However, if you didn't get in on the Black Friday madness (due to lack of time or a bit of sanity on your part) it's still not too late. There are deals to be had if you know where to look.

TomTom To The Rescue

My sister couldn't navigate her way out of a paper bag if her life depended on it. As horrible as that sounds (and I love my sister dearly) it's the truth. The problem is, she's stubborn and won't buy one and I wasn't prepared to dish out $250 or more on a Christmas gift.

My sister will, however, be getting a TomTom this year thanks to a deal they've been running. If you hit stores like BestBuy or Circuit City (and if they have them in stock) you can get a TomTom GPS for $100 off. That makes the $249 TomTom One 3rd Edition $149. In my book, it's worth every penny.

An Overall Trend

While not all deals are as great as the TomTom discounts, there seems to be an overall trend in dropping GPS prices. In fact, has discounts on dozens of GPS brands. For instance, the Magellan Maestro 3100 is currently only $163.88 and the Mio c230 is $169.99.

So, if prices are the only thing that have been holding you back from buying a GPS device (for yourself or as a gift) then by all means take a look at what the market currently has to offer. With prices as they are now, GPS will be something almost everyone can afford.


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