Not All Online Tax Websites Are Created Equal

Wondering Which Online Tax Websites Offer the Most Bang for Their Buck?

It probably goes without saying, but not all tax websites are the same. Some are easier to use, some are cheaper and some offer more personalized service. The question is, out of all of the tax sites out there, which one is the best? There isn't really a clear-cut answer since no one has the exact same needs during tax season. I have, however, researched quite a few of these sites in depth. Here are the details on some of the best.

H&R Block TaxCut

This is the one I personally use. I like the fact that they offer live help when needed, audit assistance and the price is reasonable compared to some of the other tax return websites on the Internet. I use TaxCut for my Federal and State taxes and I use their e-file service. It costs me about $70 and I can go back and access my tax returns for this year and prior years whenever I want.


While I personally prefer H&R Block more than a few people I know swear by TurboTax. I think their prices are pretty much the same, but for some reason the service seems more complicated than H&R Block's and I didn't see anything on their site about audit support whatsoever. I don't plan on being audited, but if I am I want someone there to walk me through the process since many seem to find the situation a complete nightmare.

Tax Brain

Tax Brain seems like a pretty easy service to use, but I'd personally prefer the more professional feel of TaxCut since the prices are about the same. The site says the Deluxe service is only $39.95, but you have to add $29.95 if you want to file our State income taxes too and that doesn't include audit support.

The one thing I did like about Tax Brain is that you can try it free. If you're not sure you're ready to do your own taxes you can simply try the service and if you find it too complicated you're not out any money. If this is your first year doing your own taxes, this might be the best tax website for you.


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