Never Pay Full Price to Stay at a Hotel

Save Money on Hotel Costs

If you’re paying the rack rate to stay at a hotel, you’re paying too much. Travelers should never pay full price when making hotel reservations, but if you don’t know how to go about getting a good deal, you may end up doing just that. If you want to save money on your next hotel stay, try these helpful tips.

Go Back to School

Of course we don’t mean you should really go back to school so you can learn to save money. Many people are surprised to find out that colleges rent out dorm rooms during vacation periods. If there’s a college in the area you plan on traveling to and you’re traveling at a time when school’s not in session, you may want to see if the college rents out dorm rooms to travelers. It may not be first-class accommodations, but it can save you tons of cash.

Get the Weekend Rate All Week Long

For weekend rates, some hotels charge less than half of what they charge for regular rates. If you are going to be lodging at the hotel over the weekend, ask them to apply that weekend rate to your entire stay, even if your stay includes regular weekdays. This single request can cut your hotel expenses in half, freeing up your money for other things.

Sunday Night Reservations

When you go to make your hotel reservations, do it only one or two weeks ahead and do it on a Sunday night. Tell the person you’re talking to that you want the best rate possible. Make sure you’re actually talking to the hotel’s front desk clerk and not a reservation specialist or a reservation hotline. The people who work the front desk of the hotels know that unoccupied rooms equate to lost money and they will be more likely to give you a better rate in order to fill their rooms.

While getting a great hotel rate may take a little extra effort, the fact that the effort you make can save you hundreds of dollars should be enough to entice you into trying at least one of these money-saving techniques.


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