Navigating the World of Online Concert Tickets

Should You Buy Online Concert Tickets?

It used to be that getting the best concert tickets meant waiting in line for hours (or sometimes even days) for the box office to open and tickets to go on sale. Nowadays, however, thanks to online concert tickets, waiting in line for hours in the freezing cold is a distant memory. Now all it take is a click of the mouse. But are online concert tickets really a good idea?

Gotta Love Convenience

There's a lot to be said for online concert tickets. Not only can you avoid the box office lines, but you can actually get notifications of pre-sales for certain concerts, buying tickets before they even go on sale to the public. The trick is in knowing which online ticket websites are "authorized" ticket sellers and which are just resale marketplaces where overpriced tickets and con artists abound.

The Best Places to Shop

When it comes to buying online concert tickets, still seems to be the flagship. After all, the company isn't a "reseller" and they only sell the tickets at face value, not at a high markup (although you do have to pay a few convenience fees, which some people find unreasonable).

When sells out though, or when they don't sell tickets to the concert you want to see, where do you go? There are a number of legitimate websites that sell online concert tickets, but there are some things you need to watch out for.

Who Are You Buying From

There are two main types of online concert ticket sales. Type 1 - you buy the ticket from a company who is selling them for the venue. Type 2 - you buy the ticket from an individual who purchased it from the box office but doesn't need it or want it.

With either type of seller, you need to make sure that your online concert tickets are guaranteed. What happens if you pay for the tickets and they don't arrive? What happens if the venue is canceled? If your online concert tickets are guaranteed, save your money and buy somewhere else.

Online concert tickets can be a great way to see the hottest shows, just make sure you deal with a reputable seller and your tickets are guaranteed.


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