Natural Supplements: What You Don't Know Can Kill You

Some Natural Supplements Aren't As Healthy As Their Makers Would Like You To Think

You go to the local health store or vitamin aisle looking for the latest natural supplements. There's supplements to help promote liver function, supplements to help weight loss, sleep problems and almost every single health concern you can name. The problem is, some of these health supplements aren't just ineffective - they're downright dangerous. Before you buy any health supplements on the market, there are some things you need to know...

"Natural" Doesn't Mean "Safe"

Yes, there are many safe natural supplements on the market, but it's important to understand that just because something is "natural" it doesn't mean it's safe. Think about it - poisonous mushrooms are natural. Even arsenic is natural. They both can kill you.

Just Because They Sell It, Doesn't Mean It's Safe

Another thing you need to know is that just because something has made its way to the store shelves, it doesn't mean it's a safe product. Natural supplements containing ephedra had been sold in stores for years, but that didn't mean the supplements weren't killing people.

Trust Your Doctor

Doctors don't know everything. I'll admit to that. They can, however, tell you if certain natural supplements can hurt you. If you're thinking about adding a natural supplement to your diet, consult with your physician first. The supplement may even be safe in other people, but could have adverse reactions for you due to certain medications you may be taking.

And always do your homework. Even doing something as simple as performing a Google search for the supplement you're thinking of taking and combining the name of it with the word "dangerous" can give you some insight into whether or not the natural supplements in question are dangerous or not.

So yes, natural supplements can offer us a fountain of health benefits, but they can also be dangerous. It's important to learn which ones are which.


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