More Scary News About MRSA

As If Having MRSA in Hospitals Wasn't Enough...

Not too long ago we wrote an article about MRSA, also known as the Super Bug. The article focused on the fact that MRSA has infected some hospitals, putting patients at risk. It seems, however, that hospitals being infected with the bug is just the tip of the iceberg. Some doctors aren't even diagnosing it when it does it, and that can cost children their lives. If you know someone who has an "infected bug bite" that just won't go away, you absolutely must read this...

A Misdiagnoses Problem

Children and adults who have contracted MRSA are at a serious risk of being misdiagnosed. It seems that some doctors still don't understand the widespread problem of the infection and aren't testing for it like they should be. When a patient comes in with MRSA, it's often diagnosed as a spider bite and the patient is sent home. This can be fatal.

What's So Dangerous?

The biggest problem with misdiagnoses of MRSA is that it can end up killing the patient. If you have MRSA and are told it's a spider bite, you go home and wait for it to get better. It won't. It will get worse -- perhaps to the point where it's untreatable.

MRSA needs to be treated with aggressive antibiotic therapy. If the condition goes undiagnosed, it won't be. And yes, MRSA can result in death if left unchecked.

What To Do

If you notice an unusual sore or "bite" or you know someone who has experienced this, make sure MRSA is taken into consideration. Go to the emergency room and insist on a culture. A culture can determine (or rule out) if a condition is indeed MRSA. If it is, you'll need to be treated properly.

Unfortunately, some doctors are not as up to date on the situation as they should be and this means you have to stay informed and take a stand if a doctor's first response is to dismiss your request for a culture. It may actually save your life.


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