More On When To Tip and When Not To

Looks Like There's Lots of "Tip" Questions to Be Answered

Well it looks like my previous post on when to tip and when not to tip was a hit. It also looks like many of you still have questions on when a tip is appropriate and when it isn't. Rather than answer all questions individually I figured it'd be best to create another blog post covering the additional "when to tip and when not to tip" questions everyone asked so all readers can reference them when needed. That being said, here's the answers to the most popular "tip" questions that came in over the past week...

Newspaper Delivery

Some of our readers get bills from their newspaper carriers that have a place where a tip can be added. Should you tip or should you not tip?

You are by no means obligated to tip the newspaper delivery person at any time other than the holidays. At that time you can either tip cash (which is customary and appreciated) or you can give a gift such as a gift certificate or gift card. Other than that, gratuities are not required for this type of service.

The Dry Cleaner

I actually had some readers say there was a tip cup at their dry cleaner's counter. Come on! No, do not tip your dry cleaner. Again, if you are a regular customer who's in there every week a gift of candy during the holidays might be nice, but a tip isn't even appropriate let alone necessary. Before you know it, we'll be tipping the cashier at the grocery store...

Tip for Tattoos

We had someone ask if you should tip a tattoo artist and to be honest I had no idea so I went to my wife (who isn't a tattoo establishment customer, but does know everything about what's appropriate and when) and she said you should definitely tip a tattoo artist. They offer a valuable service (and let's face it, it's critical they do a good job) and should be tipped 10 to 20 percent.

So there you have it -- more "to tip or not to tip" answers. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask!


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