Money Saving Ideas to Fight an Empty Bank Account

We all want money saving ideas and strategies, but sometimes those ideas are impractical and unaffordable. My favorite are the ones that suggest you spend less without giving you any practical ideas on how to do so. If you have a family, you already know that there are certain expenses you simply can't cut, especially if you want your kids to have the healthiest food and access to necessities.

Fortunately, though, there are practical money saving tips that anyone can use with only a few small adjustments to their lifestyle. So if you want to start saving today, look no further.

The best ways to save money

1. Rediscover your local library

Books are expensive. Whether you're an avid reader yourself or you just want to keep the shelves stocked for the kids, make a weekly library trip a family affair. If it's just for you, choose a day when you can swing by after work. Then, if you're tempted to buy a book, jot down the title so you can check your library.

2. Participate in swaps

If there are other families in your neighborhood looking for the best ways to save money, consider doing toy, book, and clothing swaps of good quality items. You can involve the kids, or you can simply present it as a 'new' (for them) toy, and they don't need to know the difference. This also works well if you know families with older children who have outgrown their clothes.

3. Establish routines

If Friday is your grocery shopping day, make a list of what you'll need for the week and stick to it. You shouldn't be running to overpriced corner stores to pick up forgotten items during the week (or worse, to fast food joints because you don't know what to make for dinner).

4. Don't be ashamed to buy second hand

I buy almost all of my clothes and home decorations second hand for many reasons. First of all, yes, because it's a money saving master stroke. But also, it saves items from the landfill, it allows you to find unique and original items that you might not discover in local stores, and it means you aren't supporting companies that practice unethical business mandates. Thrift stores are your friend!

5. Make small changes

Walk when possible. Turn off the lights. Turn down the heat in winter and turn it up in summer. Don't let the kids stand staring into the refrigerator for ten minutes. Water the garden with rainwater. Only do laundry once or twice a week (if practical). All of these small money saving tips can add up to big bucks if you practice them regularly.

As you can see, saving money doesn't have to mean selling your home and your treasured possessions. It can mean small, sustainable changes in your lifestyle. Follow these money saving tips and watch your savings grow!


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