Love Your Dog's Heart: Keep Him Up-To-Date On His Heartworm Medication

What You Need to Know About Heartworm Medication

Heartworm is a common canine parasite in the United States, and they are prevalent anywhere that mosquitoes are found (which is almost everywhere). Prevention is relatively inexpensive and very effective, but treating a dog once it has been infected can be very costly and presents the opportunity for life-threatening complications and long-term health problems. If you have a dog, here are some things you need to know about heartworm and heartworm medication.

An Apple A Day...

The canine equivalent of the "apple a day" adage is a monthly dose of heartworm medication. Dosed as individually-packed, tasty chewables, most dogs eagerly eat their heartworm pills as if they were a treat. This "treat," when given regularly, eliminates the threat of heartworm infection and ensures that your dog will not succumb to this deadly disease.

Purchased in six-month or twelve-month packages, the average cost of heartworm pills is approximately $6/month -- a highly affordable way to keep your dog healthy!

If you choose not to invest this $6 per month, you are playing Russian roulette with your pooch's health. No, it is not a given that unprotected dogs will definitely become infected -- but it is very probable that dog that is not given heartworm medication will get infected, with potentially grim results.

An Ounce Of Treatment Is Better Than A Pound Of Cure

Unless untreated dogs are screened regularly for heartworms (the cost of which becomes more expensive than simply administering the preventative on a monthly basis), most owners will not notice that their dogs are acting ill until the disease has progressed beyond an easily treatable stage.

Dogs that are sick enough to exhibit the characteristic heartworm cough and lethargy are prone to life-threatening complications, and treatment is very, very expensive (running in the thousands of dollars), without any guarantee that they will survive and/or live the rest of their lives comfortably.

Don't let the minimal monthly cost of heartworm medication make you think that it is either unimportant or too expensive. It is a quick and easy way to keep your dog healthy, and prevents you from having to pay for very expensive treatments and possibly watch your dog suffer indefinitely (or worse, pass away). Love your dog's heart, and give him his heartworm medication monthly!


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