Is Your Home Office Ready for Telecommuting?

What Do You Need for Your Home Office?

Many consumers have contemplated leaving their day jobs and working at home. While there are many considerations to take into account when making such as big decision, there’s one practical area that these consumers are faced with, and that is what technology to purchase. Before you go on a shopping spree, read our advice about what products you’ll need for a home office (and which ones you won't).

Equipping Your Home Office

It’s difficult to know exactly what to purchase for your home office unless you know what job you’ll be doing. The problem is that it’s not reasonable to buy lots of expensive office equipment before you even find a work-at-home job. Take a deep breath and relax. We’ll help you with this big decision

The Computer

If you plan on purchasing a new computer, we’d urge you to buy a laptop instead of a desktop. Having a laptop allows you to work while traveling, which will really open up your work options. Nowadays, laptops are really equipped with technology that is just as good as desktops.

The Fax

Having a fax machine is a nice extra, but unless you anticipate that you’ll be using it regularly, you’ll probably want to hold off on purchasing one until after you begin working at home. After all, with a computer you can use efaxing services that allow you to send and receive faxes via the Web.

The Printer

You will need a printer, but don't get a cheap bubble jet. If you plan on doing a bit of printing, make sure you invest in a laser printer that also functions as a copier/scanner. They tend to last longer and are more versatile than bubble jets tend to be.

Plan your purchases thoroughly. Hold off on buying certain gadgets or supplies until your paycheck arrives. Make sure you keep every receipt for your records. When it’s time to file your income taxes, you may even be able to take a tax deduction.


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