Is the More Expensive Vacuum Cleaner Always a Better Option?

Helpful Tips For Buying the Right Vacuum Cleaner

If you have carpet in your home or office, you have to invest into some type of vacuum cleaner. If you take a look at retail selection of vacuum cleaners, you will notice huge price differences in the available models. So is the most expensive vacuum cleaner the best? You might be surprised.

Sound Investment or Waste of Cash?

The question remains, should you invest the money in a well-made vacuum cleaner or just buy the cheaper model and hope for the best? This not an easy question, but there are several factors to consider.

First, you need to make sure you’re not paying for a pretty vacuum. The more expensive models tend to have more modern and bold colors that are sharp to look at. Most people care more about function than looks, but if you’re one of those consumers who prefer a snappy style, the newer, more expensive models probably suit you best.

Sometimes Less is Okay

If you have a home with little traffic and no pets or kids, you may want to buy a cheaper vacuum cleaner. The advantage of going cheap allows you to throw out the vacuum cleaner once it reaches the end of its life rather than paying for costly repairs.

Sometimes It Pays to Spend More

If you have a lot of traffic in your home and have kids and/or pets, a more expensive vacuum cleaner would be better for your environment. Buying an expensive model will not only give you more performance, but it should also give you a better warranty compared to the cheaper model.

Before you buy an expensive vacuum cleaner, look into the service centers that are in your area. This will make it more convenient if the model breaks, and you are able to drive the vacuum cleaner to a local service center instead of shipping it back to the manufacturer.

While the better vacuum cleaners do cost more, they can be worth every penny if you need high performance. However, if all of that performance is going to go to waste on carpet that’s rarely walked on, a cheaper vacuum cleaner will do.


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