Is The BBB Really a Good Consumer Resource?

The BBB Controversy

When you want to know whether or not a company is reputable, you contact the BBB, right? After all, they are the go-to resource for information on area businesses. And when you see a BBB logo on a businesses website or front door, you can trust that business, right? Not necessarily.

There's Something You Need To Know

Is the BBB a good place to go to get information on complaints about companies you are thinking of doing business with? Yes. Does that mean that if a business is a member of the BBB it's safe to do business with that company? No, absolutely not.

BBB membership isn't something that's given away to businesses with superior customer service records. Rather, BBB is a paid membership organization. If a company wants the BBB logo on their front door or their website, they apply for membership and pay their dues.

What does this mean to you? It is very possible that a BBB member company with a BBB logo has numerous consumer complaints filed against it. All the company has to do is agree to resolve those complaints according to BBB standards. But why is the company getting so many complaints to begin with?

They Aren't The Police

The BBB is not into policing its members. It's not their job. That doesn't, however, mean the company has no value. You should always check with the BBB to see if complaints have been filed against a company before doing business with them.

Remember, just because a company has a BBB logo doesn't mean their report is free and clear. Check those companies too. You might be surprised what you find. And, of course, if you run into trouble with a company, whether it's a BBB member or not, go ahead and file a complaint. Other consumers have the right to know.


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