Is Swine Flu a Cause to Party?

What exactly is a swine flu party, and why would a case of h1n1 make anyone want to sing and dance?

Simply put, a swine flu party happens when people deliberately expose themselves to close contact with a person who has swine flu symptoms. In "theory", the partiers get infected with a mild case of the disease, resulting in future immunity. In other words, a swine flu party is supposed to be a sort of natural vaccination.

In theory, it sounds like a pretty clever idea. But there are plenty of reasons why swine flu parties are disasters waiting to happen.

1. Control an epidemic... don't deliberately spread it

An epidemic is a temporary surge in a disease that can result in thousands of hours of lost manpower and money, not to mention standstills in services and daily life. When facing an epidemic, we need to control the number of people exposed to the disease. The more people who contract h1n1, the more society in general suffers, which makes swine flu parties a bad idea.

2. Exposure of the disease to people who don't necessarily want swine flu

Just because you're all fired up about a swine flu party doesn't mean your coworkers want to share in the joy. While waiting for your swine flu symptoms to manifest, you'll be cheerfully spreading the germs to your friends, family, and coworkers.

3. Just because one person gets a mild case of h1n1 doesn't mean you will too

In America, most people who contract swine flu don't die from it. Keep in mind that swine flu has been severe and even fatal for some people. And you can't control how severe a strain you contract. In other words, deliberate exposure to a mild case of h1n1 could kill you.

4. A mutating disease makes immunities useless

Your swine flu party experience could be a waste if the virus mutates again and counters your immunities.

There are many other reasons to avoid swine flu parties, especially if you have children: epidemics spread particularly quickly in schools where children come in constant contact with other children. The CDC strongly recommends against the idea of a swine flu party, and in this case, listen to the experts.


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