Is Pet Odor Driving You Out of Your Home?

A Few Secrets for Getting Rid of Pet Odor

Pet odor isn't a pleasant topic. It's even less pleasant if you have to live with it. There are, in fact, people who refuse to live with pets because they're afraid the odor will create an unpleasant atmosphere. Must you remain petless if you want a clean-smelling home? Absolutely not. Here are some pet odor tips that will keep your home smelling as fresh as non-pet households.

Meticulous Cleaning

If you have a cat, clean the litter boxes each and every day, and make sure you have one box for every cat in the household. Three cats means at least three litter boxes, and you want to use litter that's designed for multiple pet households. You may be saving a dime when you buy cheaper litter, but the pet odor will negate any savings.

You also need to wash pet bedding regularly. If your dog has a puppy pillow, throw it in the wash once a week. Washing bedding (and using Febreeze on couches and carpets) is a great way to cut back pet odors in the home.

And vacuuming is a must. Get a vacuum designed to handle pet hair. Bissel and Dyson both make great pet-orientated vacuums that can clean up pet dander and hair, thereby reducing some of the pet odor.

Address Accidents

If your pets do have accidents, make sure you clean them up and use a disinfectant/deodorizer like Odo Ban or SCOE10X to clean and deodorize the area. Only commercial cleaners like these will get to the root of the odor, making sure your pet doesn't go back to remark the spot.

Fix Those Boys

Last, but not least, make sure your male pets are fixed. Dogs and cats are both less likely to mark in the house if they've been neutered. That is one of the best (and most responsible) ways to control pet odor in your home.


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