Is Pet Insurance Really a Good Idea?

Getting Pet Insurance for Your Pet

You may love your pet like you would a child. In fact, many pets are viewed more like a member of the family than an animal companion. What would you do if your pet were to suddenly suffer from a serious illness or injury? Would you be able to afford the veterinary bills associated with such a tragedy? Believe it or not, pet insurance may be the solution.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is medical insurance for your pets. From policies that only cover major illnesses and accidents to policies that cover even routine veterinary care like vaccinations and heartworm medications, there are numerous pet insurance policies available for your furry friend.

Why Do I Need Pet Insurance?

Over the years, as technology has advanced, so has the cost of veterinary care. If your pet becomes ill or injured, the bills can run you thousands and thousands of dollars. The only thing that can help you defray the cost of expensive veterinary treatment is pet insurance.

What Vets Can I Use With Pet Insurance?

Unlike many human health insurance policies, with pet insurance you can go to any vet that you choose. Rather than billing the pet insurance company, your vet will bill you and you will pay the bill. Then you will submit a claim to the pet insurance company and be reimbursed for the portion of the bill that is covered by pet insurance.


Pet insurance is surprisingly affordable. Depending on what type of policy you need, you can get pet insurance for less than $10 per month. Pet insurance policies that cover routine veterinary care will cost more. If you insure more than one pet, many pet insurance companies will offer you a multi-policy discount.

Choose a Company that’s Reputable

Remember, when choosing a pet insurance company, choose one of the larger companies that are known to be reputable. While you may be able to get a policy for cheaper elsewhere, it’ll do you know good if the policy won’t pay out when it’s time for you to pay the bills. A long-established, reputable pet insurance company is your best bet.


Hope your service is efficient and customer friendly.


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