Is Manufacturer Printer Ink Better Than Generic Printer Ink?

What You Need To Know Before Replacing Your Printer Ink

If you're going to replace your printer ink anytime soon, you may be considering a generic product to save money. While I'm all about keeping as much money in your pocket as possible, I have to warn you that generic printer ink may bring you more trouble than you bargained for. If you've fallen for the "it's all the same ink" fairy tale, there are some things you need to know...

The Truth About Generic Printer Ink

The first thing you need to understand is that not all printer ink is created equal and while generic printer ink will save you a few bucks, it can also ruin your printer. How so?

When you print a document, the ink you use moves through something called a nozzle. If you use the wrong ink, that nozzle can become clogged and you may even ruin your print head. What does that mean? That means you'll be looking for a new printer.

Like I said, I'm all for a bargain. But if saving $20 on an ink purchase is going to result in me having to spend $200 or more on a new printer, it's really not worth it. And if you think you'll be covered by a warranty, guess again.

The Warranty Issue

Most manufacturers won't honor your printer warranty if you've replaced your ink with anything but their brand. In fact, some manufacturers will void your warranty the moment you use a generic ink product. Is saving a few bucks really worth that?

Playing it Safe

Experts say that there are some generic ink products that are okay to use. For instance, office supply stores will often have their "house brand" that has been created for specific printer models. Because the needs of these printers were taken into consideration when the ink product was developed, your printer should be safe.

I, on the other hand, believe in playing it safe. After going through two printers in less than a year, I've decided that generic ink just isn't worth it. I'd rather fork out the extra few bucks on the manufacturer's ink than hurt my computer with a cheap generic ink counterpart.


Finally, someone is outing this scam!! I have been a small business owner operator for 17 years and learned this lesson the hard way, too! The sales people rope you in on how much money you're going to save and tell you it is an apples to apples product!! But, no, it isn't. I threw the cheapo cartridges away...the ink did not adhere properly to the paper!! My printouts were smudged, spotted and snowy. I have been telling everyone I know not to buy these totally bogus cartridges for many years. And, when and if I pick up a sales call I tell the vendor that I will never buy anything but the real deal. It's a waste of time, energy, paper and money. The end.


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