Is Bigger Always Better When Choosing A Snowblower?

Choosing The Best Snow Clearing Machine

With the snowing season rapidly approaching there comes a time in our thoughts when we think "How much work is it going to take this year to clear the snow?" With that in mind, many of us may be wondering about going out and getting our first snowblower or a new one to replace the old one. If you've reached this point the question really becomes "How big or how small of one do I really need?"

Blower vs. Thrower

The first thing that should be addressed is whether you're looking for a snow thrower or a snow blower. Depending on who you ask you may find that both terms mean the same thing. Otherwise many people see snow blowers as 2 stage machines. Stage 1 is when an auger feeds snow to a flywheel. Stage 2 is the flywheel flinging the snow out the chute. These units are almost always more powerful. Whereas snow throwers are usually seen as single stage machines. In this case the auger rapidly spins so that the snow that it pulls in is quickly ejected out the chute based upon the velocity of the spinning auger. These units usually are the weaker of the two especially in terms of horse power.

Consider Your Space

Now that we've established a difference between snow blowers and throwers a prospective buyer of a snow clearing machine should be looking at how much of an area do they expect to clear. For example if you have a small single car driveway and little or no sidewalk then you would more than likely be best served by a smaller snow clearing machine. However, if you have one of those expansive driveways and perhaps you tend to help out you neighbors every so often, then a much larger snow clearing machine should be in your sights.

Shop Wisely

Now that you may have a better idea about what you need from a snow clearing machine there are some things you should keep in mind when shopping for one. Most of us tend to buy things when we really need them but if you expect save some money when you are buying your snow removal machine there are few things that can make this purchase less damaging to your wallet. The first and ultimately most important is do not buy your snow blower or thrower when there is snow on the ground. This will almost always guarantee that you will be paying full price for the unit. Instead wait until the end of the season. It is at these times that stores are trying to get rid of their winter items and you often can get a great deal. The second thing to keep in mind is do not buy a bigger unit than you really need. Sure it clears snow like nobody's business but it may also take up more garage space than you intended or if you only get light snow for a few years you may never even get to use it.


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