Internet Safety and Children

Do You Know How to Teach Your Kids about Internet Safety?

When you have children, you need to be concerned about Internet safety. The World Wide Web makes it possible for our children to be at greater risk for certain types of crimes including pornography and kidnapping. Internet safety is too important of a consideration to ignore.

Communication Is Key

To keep your kids safe when they are online it is important to keep the lines of communication open. If your children ever comes across anything that makes them uncomfortable, they should feel comfortable enough telling you about it. There are so many possible dangers related to Internet use, and the saying “it’s better to be safe than sorry” certainly applies to your kids using the Internet. If you have Internet access and kids, make Internet safety your top concern.

Set The Boundary Lines

You must make sure that your child understands he or she should never give out personal information such as their name, address, where they go to school, or their phone number. They should ask your permission before they share any pictures with friends online. It’s important that your teen or child never agrees to meet anyone they met online without talking to you about it first. Let your children know that they shouldn’t chat with someone via instant messaging if they don’t know the person. Your discussions about Internet safety should address all these important concepts.

Restrict Access

There are certain things you can do to restrict your child’s access while surfing the Internet. AOL users, for example, can create a separate login and allow their child access to the “parental safe only” websites. It’s also possible to block specific websites. Internet safety is easier to achieve if you position your computer properly. It is helpful if you keep your computer in a general family area such as the living room. You can deter inappropriate behavior online if your computer is in a high traffic area of your home.

Teach Your Kids is an example of a website designed to help your children learn how to surf the web safely. This website has online safety games to teach kids about the dangers of the Internet. The World Wide Web can provide many learning opportunities for kids, but Internet safety is of the utmost importance.


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