Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Report Identifies Safest Cars

What are the Safest Cars?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently released a report that identifies the safest cars on the road. As a concerned consumer, you might find the results useful when considering a new vehicle purchase. Focusing on the safest cars when purchasing a new car is a good way to narrow your search and find a car that is right for you.

So Who's Safe and Who's Not?

Interestingly enough, the top thirteen vehicles were all foreign cars. The report listed the safest cars in the following categories: Large car, Midsize cars, Minivans, Luxury SUVs, Midsize SUVs, and Small SUVs.

All of the cars that made the top thirteen list have an electronic stability control installed. The safest cars that made the top thirteen list include the Audi A6, Audi, A4, Saab-9-3, Subaru Legacy, Hyundai, Entourage, Kia, Sedona, Mercedes M class, Volvo XC90, Acura RDX, Honda Pilot, Subaru B9 Tribeca, Honda CR-V, and the Subaru Forester.

The Safest Car Can Be Dangerous In the Wrong Hands

Regardless of what vehicle you drive, the most important aspect of safety on the road lies in the hands of the driver not in whether or not you drive one of the safest cars. It is extremely important to obey the speed limit and obey all posted regulations. Alter your driving habits based on weather conditions. Rainy and snowy conditions usually require you to drive at a slower speed.

Great Safety Features

Electronic stability control is a great safety feature, and all of the safest cars have it. This feature can identify when a driver may lose control of his or her vehicle and applies the brakes to wheels individually. This can help avoid a rollover. Obviously, though, this feature is not a substitute for careless and inattentive driving, but it is a nice feature to have if circumstances occur on the road that are beyond the driver’s control.

It is possible that electronic stability control will be required on all cars manufactured in the U.S. in the near future. Ford Motor Co. came very close to making the top thirteen list, and in two years, the three Ford cars that almost made the list will actually be equipped with electronic stability control. In coming years, most cars will have electronic stability control, not just the “safest cars.”


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